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  • Data center infrastructure

    In order to develop a perfect data center we only need to know what the business expectations are towards it and how to implement it at acceptable costs during the purchase and throughout its period of operation. We will provide advice on how to ensure desirable succession and data security, productive work and automated management using the best practices in industry. We will determine if the name of the Gold Computing Systems Specialist was granted to Fortevento by HP reasonably. Contact Fortevento if you are planning to purchase servers, disk arrays, backup devices, network commutators or uninterrupted power supplies.

  • Server virtualization

    Today, companies of any size can reduce the cost of infrastructure acquisition and maintenance, and increase its reliability and flexibility. You only need to invite the experience of experts to achieve it. We will simply analyze your current infrastructure and will assess the possibilities for its virtualization. We will also will justify investments for a finance manager, eliminate technical doubts by performing a pilot project and will implement a virtualization project. We have everything we need: we supply the data center and virtualization software and have certified experts who are experienced in authentic and dependable implementation. We guarantee free 3-month consultation services for all our virtualization projects. If you implemented a project by yourselves, we will perform an audit of its compliance with developer’s recommendations and will help to create a strategy for its development.

  • Workplace virtualization

    If workplace infrastructure requires a lot of time and administrators’ efforts and you have begun thinking that it is almost impossible to avoid data loss and want to ensure security, let’s sit down and assess whether workplace virtualization can help you solve these tasks at acceptable costs. We will perform all steps of this multi-edge project according to techniques recommended by the developer: we will define the criteria of project’s success together, design the architecture and calculate whether the project will be economically feasible. If it is, then we will implement the infrastructure verifying the criteria and will later implement the system itself. We have done this more than once and you will receive responses to most of your questions during our first meeting. So please contact us.

  • Active Directory and Exchange solutions

    Control of the access to company data and infrastructure resources, and security is centralized and automated (i.e. saving an administrator’s time and eliminating the possibility of mistakes). Management becomes simple if an Active Directory is implemented in your company. With the help of Fortevento you will implement it correctly at once. We will share our experience if you migrate to a newer version or integrated/separate AD infrastructure after any change in your company’s structure also. We are also proud of our experience in design and the implementation of Exchange solutions and in the migration of current implementations to a newer version.

  • Backup

    Where should data be copied: to a USB disk, another server, a disk array or a tape drive? Are the price and space sufficient criteria of selection? Copying to such devices will ensure the company that lost data is recovered within a desirable time, make sure that the backup is “fresh” enough and that the recovery plan is operative and is checked regularly under non-stressful conditions. There are also other important nuances which have to be discussed during the meeting. After all, information is often the most valuable property of a company.

  • Cloud computing

    Cloud computing is attractive because of smaller costs and its efficiency. However, concerns about security can arise. Is the risk worth the lower costs? Are there any hidden weaknesses in the contract with cloud computing service supplying the services? Would having your own cloud be more beneficial for you? Meet independent experts of this field and find out.


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